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JustHost Coupon $2.95 Per Month Only


JustHost Coupon 75% OFF Discount Review

JustHost prides about extremely affordable web hosting with reliability, especially with the JustHost coupon 75% OFF Discount.  In essence, you no longer need to pay the full $6.99 original hosting price in order to enjoy the web hosting features that this company has in stock for you. Anyone can take advantage of this offer, whether an individual or business owner. The discount offer provides $4.04 savings on web hosting every month. As a result, you may save up to $48.48 for a yearly plan!

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Did this code work for you?
JustHost 75% OFF
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How JustHost 75% OFF Discount Works?

You can find the “Show Coupon” button in this review, you can reveal the JustHost Coupon $2.95 by just clicking on it. You will be redirected to JustHost’s official website. You will see a “Sign Up” button at and after you click on the “Sign Up” button, you can paste the “JustHost Coupon $2.95 at the “Coupon Code” section(See A Picture Above). If you are just signing for JustHost hosting for the first time, you will automatically get one full year FREE domain name registration, alongside other unlimited features. If you do not subscribe via the discount coupon link, you are likely to pay the full hosting price.

What Hosting Features would be Available After Signing Up?

As noted earlier, there are tons of web hosting features from JustHost to enjoy even if you are paying only a small fraction of the original price. These features range from free to unlimited and more advanced features. In previous post, we outlined the following features in details; FREE domain name registration for one year, Unlimited domain hosting and Unlimited disk storage. In this review, we will outline more features in details, including the benefits that accompany each feature.

Unlimited Sub-domains

If your website’s theme is broad and you want to group the contents of your website’s theme into different categories, you would greatly appreciate JustHost’s  unlimited sub-domains feature. The sub-domains will help create a category for every sub-topic of your website no matter how many they are. Subsequently, visitors to your website can search for contents on your site with ease. Here’s a typical instance; if your website’s theme or topic is centered around fashion, you would need to split your website’s content into different fashion categories such as men’s fashion, women’s fashion and so on. The sub-domain features will help you organize each fashion-sub topic for easy access.

The benefits of JustHost’s unlimited domains feature include the following;

  • Unlimited in nature; while some web hosting providers will restrict sub-domains creation on their platform to 10 or 20, JustHost grants you unlimited access to any number of sub categories you want to create using their unlimited sub-domains feature.
  • It is also easier to update and change a website’s content using the unlimited sub-domains feature, and you do not need to be a programmer to accomplish all of these.
  • Best of all the advantages, you are taking advantage of 75% OFF the original price to enjoy limitless sub-domains creation.

Unlimited cPanel Access

cPanel is an extremely useful application leveraged worldwide to accomplish easy and effective web hosting. JustHost gurantees unlimited access and use of the cPanel to control and manage your domains on JustHost account. The cPanel is usually the first port of call when it comes to setting up domains on a web hosting platform. The same tool is also the key tool for setting up websites, domains, email accounts as well as managing them on a web hosting account.

Other uses/advantages of JustHost control panel (cPanel) include the following;

  • Setting up databases
  • Applications installation
  • FTP accounts management
  • Managing a hosting account’s security features.
  • The cPanel facilitates more intuitive and simple web hosting experience
  • The GUI (Graphic User Interface) is simply friendly and can be easily played around with by a newbie.  And, the tool itself is also rich with innovative features that aid fast performance, professionalism and reliability.

International Domain Names Support

JustHost also supports international domain name at no extra cost. If you wish to include international domain names to your JustHost account, the process is as simple as adding them to your Domain Manager. Perhaps, other web hosts may have different approach or more complex process for adding international domain names.

File Transfer Protocol Tool

Popularly known as FTP, JustHost’s File Transfer Protocol web hosting feature is a valuable tool that grants users the privilege to exchange files securely over the web, including very large files that would usually be impossible to attach using a conventional email platform. This tool has been made user-friendly for all at JustHost platform. Once you log onto your JustHost control panel, you can leverage the FTP tool.

The benefits of FTP web hosting tool include the following;

  • Files transfer over the internet is accomplished securely.
  • Any file can be transferred regardless of the size, including files that would not normally be transferred via a regular mail file attachment method.

Watch out for more JustHost web hosting features that you can take advantage of using the JustHost coupon $2.95 per month or 75% OFF Discount.

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